Adjustable Riser Orange

8″/10″ Height choices
Variable handlebar clamp diameter
CNC machined from billet aluminum
Multiple color choices
Easy to install
Made in Italy
High Quality product

Key Features:
  • Handlebar Clamp Size: 1″, 1″-1/4, 1″-1/8
  • Height: 10″, 8″
  • Color: Orange


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CNC Machined from billet aluminum are available in a many combinations of colors: black anodized – red – blue – silver – orange and more.

This riser is one our of top of the line product. This is the culmination of our attention to detail and care for our beloved customers and fellow riders. This riser is highly customizable as you can choose the basic height (8″ or 10″) as well as the inclinaction of the top portion allowing you to fine tune your riding position.

Consider adding our gauge kit (or buy the full kit directly) to achieve the full club style look.

If you happen to need an handlebar, don’t worry, we got you covered.

Please note: Product shown in the pictures is the 10″ variant.


Handlebar Clamp Size

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