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Diamond Bagger Collection

Lovers of Italian fashion, inspired by the great stylists we were able to realize and create a new collection featuring a unique and exclusive design called "Diamond". With this collection we want to offer our customers a product that gives a new BAGGER concept, inspired by Italian tailoring to not go unnoticed. Assembled and checked by hand one by one to ensure a high quality product worthy of the best Made in Italy.


Vity's Collection

From the incredible passion for HARLEY DAVIDSON, takes shape my every single "iron". From a deep and meticulous study of materials, shapes and color, arise my accessories. I love to see them shine, I love to touch them and I always hope that all the love that I put into their design and construction is transmitted to you, my friends, who share with me a passion for the wind in your hair and that, at least when you’re on your motorbike.


24kt Gold Collection

Always looking for new shapes / lines / colors. Everytime we are around on the boutiques in the major fashion cities in Italy such as Milan, Rome, Florence where we could find some suggestions that can distinguish us from other brands of motorcycle accessories. For a few years in the fashion and apparel clothing a luxurious material prevails "The GOLD". Why not use this luxury material this color in our collections. "Who has everything to need something more, or you distinguish or extinguish".


Vity's Social World

Step into the inspirational universe of motorcycles and get a behind-the-scenes look, witness the creation of the unique items to customize your special Harley Davidson.

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Freedom, passion, luxury. The world of bikers is driven by a burning desire for transgression. Watch the video and explore some of the best customized items for your motorcycle.

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